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Improper Use
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Copyright Protection
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Consulting any legal diploma available on the website does not exempt users from consulting the Diário da República (Official Portuguese Government Gazette).

Privacy Statement
Pursuant to Article 35 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and Law No. 58/2019 of 8th August (Personal Data Protection Law), the information collected about visitors to the website is not of a personal nature, ensuring the confidentiality of the visitor's identity.
However, users will be identified whenever illegal acts are involved, there is a violation of the code of conduct, or when requested by the judicial authorities.
If you have any questions or comments about the website’s content or these terms of use, please contact the Technical Manager (anqep@anqep.gov.pt).

Personal Data Protection Policy
Within the scope of its activity, ANQEP collects and processes personal data for the purposes of the legal obligations to which it is bound. If the collection and processing of your personal data does not result from a legal or contractual obligation, ANQEP will always ask the data subject for their free, specific, informed and unambiguous consent to collect and process this data for the indicated purposes.
ANQEP, as the entity responsible for the processing, undertakes to guarantee confidentiality and security in the collection and processing of personal data, to ensure that they will only be used for the expressly authorised purposes and will only be kept for the period considered necessary to fulfil the purpose for which they are intended.
The data subject has the right to request access to their personal data, its rectification or erasure, limitation of their data’s processing and data portability, when technically possible. The data subject may oppose the processing or withdraw the previously given consent at any time.
To exercise their rights, the data subject must send a request to the Data Protection Officer using one of the following contacts:

Agência Nacional para a Qualificação e o Ensino Profissional, I.P.
Avenida 24 de Julho, n.º 138
1399-026 Lisboa
The data subject may also file a complaint with the supervisory authority, the National Data Protection Commission.