Technological Specialisation Courses

Technological Specialisation Courses (TSC) are a non-higher post-secondary training path which confer level 5 of qualification of the National Qualifications Framework and a technological specialisation diploma (TSD), aiming at qualified integration in the world of work and/or to pursue higher education.

TSC have a duration of approximately a year and are organised into three training components (Decree-Law No. 88/2006, of 23rd May):

  • General and scientific training – structured in subjects; it aims to develop attitudes and behaviours suited to companies and improve knowledge of the scientific domains which underlie the specific technologies of each training area;
  • Technological training - structured in training units; it aims to develop practical activities (laboratory, workshop and/or project) related to domains of a technological nature and the resolution of problems within the scope of professional practice;
  • Work-based learning – carried out in companies or other employment entities. Its objective is the acquisition and development of technical, relational and organisational skills through the execution of activities under guidance, using the techniques, equipment and materials integrated in the processes of producing goods or providing services.

For whom?

Specialised Technological Courses may be suitable for those who:

  • have completed an upper-secondary education course or equivalent qualification;
  • hold a level 4 qualification of the National Qualifications Framework;
  • have passed all the subjects of the 10th and 11th years of schooling and have been enrolled in the 12th year of schooling or legally equivalent qualification without completing it;
  • hold a technological specialisation diploma or a higher education degree or diploma and are seeking professional requalification.

What is the certification?

Technological Specialisation Courses confer level 5 of qualification of the National Qualifications Framework – Ordinance No. 782/2009, of 23rd July – and a technological specialisation diploma, attributed after completing a training plan with between 60 and 90 ECTS credits (European credit transfer and accumulation system).

Obtaining a technological specialisation diploma makes it possible to apply for higher education, through a special application process.


Technological Specialisation Courses may function in:

  • public, private and cooperative education establishments;
  • Vocational Training Centres of the Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional, I.P. (Institute for Employment and Vocational Training) network;
  • Technological Schools;
  • other certified training entities.