Entities Belonging to the National Qualifications System

Qualifica Centres

Qualifica Centres are specialised in adult qualification, promoting lifelong learning and the improvement of the population's educational and professional qualifications, valuing each person’s individual paths. These centres play a decisive role in the qualification of adults, based on the complementarity between recognition, validation and certification of competences and the attendance of certified training, taking into account the profiles and needs of individuals (Ordinance No. 62/2022, of 31st January).

Consult the network of Qualifica Centres here


Schools are part of a network of public and private educational establishments, which includes basic and upper-secondary education establishments, professional schools and private and cooperative education establishments. This network of schools ensures the provision of professional courses, education and training courses for young people and adult education and training courses. Specialised artistic courses and technological specialisation courses can also be offered in public education establishments and in private and cooperative education establishments. 

Consult the school network at the Education and Training Courses Portal and the statistics on basic and upper-secondary education at the Infoescolas Portal.

IEFP Vocational Training Centres

Network of training centres with direct and participatory management of the Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional, I.P. (Institute for Employment and Vocational Training), which offers apprenticeship courses, technological specialisation courses, adult education and training courses and certified modular training.  

Consult the network of IEFP Vocational Training Centres here.

Training Entities Certified by DGERT

Public or private entities formally recognised by the Directorate-General for Employment and Industrial Relations (DGERT) as having the appropriate skills, means and resources to develop training activities in certain education and training areas.

These entities can carry out adult education and training courses and certified modular training.

Consult the Training Entities Certified by DGERT here.