Assessment and Certification Commission

Within the scope of the activities developed by Qualifica Centres and in order to obtain a qualification, the Assessment and Certification Commission (ACC) can be mobilized whenever an adult has an incomplete qualification path, with partial certifications obtained in more than one education and training pathway or through the process of recognition, validation and certification of competences (Ordinance No. 62/2022, of 31st January).

This Commission is responsible for:

- Analysing the qualification path undertaken by the candidate in the various education and training pathways and establishing, if necessary, equivalences between the certifications obtained and the competence or training units that integrate the qualifications of the National Catalogue of Qualifications (NCQ);

- Identifying, using the Qualifica Passport, the competence or training units needed to obtain the qualification of the NCQ that best suits the candidate's profile and motivation;

- Assessing and prescribing the most suitable pathway to complete the qualification. If necessary, the candidate is referred to a training pathway or to a recognition, validation and certification of competences process;

- Issuing the final certificate of qualifications and the qualification diploma.

For whom?

Adults aged 18 and over with incomplete qualification pathways.

What is the certification?

Through the Assessment and Certification Commission, a basic level school certification (4th, 6th or 9th year of schooling) or an upper-secondary level school certification (12th year of schooling), a professional certification or both (in this case, it it called double certification) can be obtained, conferring level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 of qualification of the National Qualifications Framework – Ordinance No. 782/2009, of 23rd July.


Obtaining a qualification through the analysis and assessment of an Assessment and Certification Commission is carried out at Qualifica Centres, centres specialised in adult qualification.

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