Certified Modular Training

Certified Modular Training (CMT) is organised into Short-Term Training Units (STTU) or Competence Units (CU) in order to promote access to qualifications through flexible and modularised paths, allowing the capitalisation of learning, based on the competence and training standards associated with the qualifications of the National Catalogue of Qualifications (Ordinance No. 66/2022, of 1st February).

Certified Modular Training can also be developed based on the short and medium-term paths, previously organized and independently certified, available in the National Catalogue of Qualifications.

Certified Modular Training may have a variable workload. Each Short-Term Training Unit or Competence Unit lasts for 25 or 50 hours.

For whom?

Certified Modular Training is intended for adults aged 18 or over, without the appropriate qualification for integration or progression in the labour market and, as a priority, without the completion of basic education or upper-secondary education.

What is the certification?

Whenever an adult successfully completes a modular training path, a certificate is issued which lists all the successfully completed units of competence or short-term training units.

Certified modular training is capitalizable to obtain one or more than one qualification of level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 of the National Qualifications Framework which are integrated in the National Catalogue of Qualifications. It can also be capitalized for one or more than one short and medium-term path listed in the National Catalogue of Qualifications.


CMT may function in:

  • Public or private basic and upper-secondary education establishments;
  • Vocational training centres managed by the IEFP (directly or through protocols);
  • Other entities such as municipalities, companies or business associations, trade unions and associations at a local, regional or national level, provided they are part of the network of training entities of the National Qualifications System.

Consult the available courses and training entities here.